"Working with Sally has been one of those life-transforming experiences for me. I've had many healers but there has only been one Sally. Relying on deeply honed intuition, vast energy medicine knowledge and a rich spiritual culture, Sally is able to facilitate profound shifts on both the physical and energetic level. She is gifted at identifying and clearing unwanted energy, freeing her clients from the grip of trauma, karmic bondage and oppressive mental patterns. Through her unique fusion of energy medicine practices, Sally gets to the root of all dis-ease, catalyzing soul retrieval and physical restoration. I am continually amazed by Sally's rare ability to simultaneously address the needs of the mind, body and spirit. Her wisdom infuses healing sessions with heightened potential and her humility keeps the energetic space clear and primed for sacred work. Sally is uniquely holistic in her approach to intuition medicine, ushering in multi-dimensional regeneration that is potent and lasting. She creates a sacred healing container of love, dignity and reverence that makes even the most hesitant client feel safe, witnessed and honored. Her goal is always that her clients become their own best healers, and to that end Sally teaches her medicine with generosity and mastery. I can't recommend Sally enough to anyone longing to be healed and whole, yearning to express their fullest, most radiant self in the world." - Alyssa Paris