Whats your Souls Orientation?

In Ballet this morning our class was practicing a fondu exercise when slowly the class started to turn their attention away from the plie to the sweetest and brightest sounding voice singing to the instrumental rendition of the magnificent opera song, Puccini's "O Mio Babbino Caro."  One of our ballerina friends was not only a dancer but an opera singer too. We all had goose bumps and some wept as we performed our bar warm up to the live vocal accompaniment. After the teacher came over and thanked the singer, her name is Katie, for not keeping the beautiful song inside because we all enjoyed it so much. Katie, our operatic peer, then quoted playwright Jonathan Larson ; "The opposite of war isn't peace, it is creation"

This struck me as such a marvelous example of the truth and of life. 

I am in ballet class on a Saturday morning not because I am going to be a ballerina in my 40's.... but because my mission in life is to create harmony with the Divine. I also love to move, to be healthy, strong and enjoy my physicality. Nothing makes me happier than to feel I am moving in harmony and beauty in a dance class, like a fish moving in tandem with the school of other fish (I am also a triple Pisces). Creating beauty, healing, harmony, empowerment, and art is an expression of my joyous individuation from the source off all creation. If I am not creating, I am just surviving and I wish to be more than my handy survival instincts.  

It was not all my life I knew my mission so clearly and what made me feel I am happily fulfilling my purpose. I have done countless programs, retreats, exercises and of  a life time of meditation to know or remember myself and own my power. The biggest help of all by far has been awareness and following my own passion and obsessive desire to express the highest version of myself.....even when I did not know what that looks like. 

With that said; I am enjoying the perception I have gained from a concept brought to the world by Desda Zuckerman called "Substructures". This concept has helped me to understand my spiritual orientation and mission on a soul level so that I may create with joy and effectiveness. Desda teaches "Sacred Anatomy" which I call "the real Anatomy of the Spirit" although Carolyn Myss already took that title. What Desda teaches is not just the physical body's energy anatomy, like Carolyn teaches, but the spiritual essence or the "One Bodies" anatomy. This spiritual anatomy goes with us from life time to life time. According to Desda; it is only the HEMF (Human Electromagnetic field) AKA the Aura and the physical body that are left behind at the end of each life or "physical manifestation" as she says in her book. 

In the book, "Your Sacred Anatomy" on page 235 Desda outlines the three spiritual Sub-Structures with pictures to see how they look surrounding and supporting the physical body and spiritual bodies energy. The three Substructures, Desda talks about are; Alpha, Beta or Gamma. Alpha's are the visionaries and activists. A famous Alpha, she writes, is Oprah Winfrey.  Beta's are the artists.  Famous Beta's highlighted in the book are: Fred Astaire or Georgia O'Keefe .  "Gamma's are defined by their capacity to love" (pg 237 YSA.) Famous Gamma's are Robin Williams or Mother Theresa. My incredibly brief description of Sub-Structures is to just to give you a taste of what you might be in this system and how this plays a roll in what and how you create. 

For me identifying that I am a Beta substructure, the type that loves harmony and thrives when creating beauty in the world, has helped me optimize my strengths and see where my energy was diminished and less than optimal in my life.  I am married to an Aries and an Alpha who enjoys a good debate as does one of my children. They are both Alpha, she is always are challenging the status quo. My youngest child and I are both Beta's, which explained one reason why I can so easily be around him, we are both working for the same harmonic cause. This knowledge helps me know what tasks to take his advice seriously with, like decorating the Christmas tree.  When I was able to see where my life was not congruent with my souls orientation, I was then able to voice my desires more clearly and change my approach to dealing with my family members.  When I started to express how I valued harmony (just the purpose of my spirits existence) then creating harmony became easier. Fortunately my purpose aligned with my husbands Alpha vision and when he understood he was more than happy to support my desire for harmony. This shift improved our communication seamlessly and effortlessly (for real). He no longer rolls his eyes at my need to make sure the Feng Shui of the house Chi is in balance. Now when I express big feelings, his momentary discomfort about my strong emotions that in the past would have lead to a debate, is now quickly replaced with the understanding that harmony is my goal and he is able to assists me in that result rather than trying to argue me out of being upset (as if that ever worked).  

To continue to develop a conscious relationship with my spiritual energy and to co-create consciously with the divine is my moment to moment spiritual practice.  I see this as my contribution to peace on earth and harmony. What do you value most? How can you commit more fully to honoring your inner spiritual energetic support and how does that effect your mission when you do? Experiment!

In to the Greater Mind

Have you ever found yourself focusing your mind intensely to hack, or understand a problem? Analyzing possibilities, details and resources only to feel the problem is like a mountain you cant climb?  What if, when faced with problems and challenges, we were able to go in to our "Greater Mind" like Einstein or Tesla and produce brilliant solutions that are evolutionary or at the very least possible? What if we were to say; "I acknowledge my challenges and I choose to focus on how the highest outcome feels"?  How would our body respond, how would we feel, behave and organize our thoughts and attention ?  

It is not always easy to feel safe and trusting faced with problems or adversity. Stepping in to the unknown and refraining from over analyzing can feel bad at first. The comfort of the well laid path, stressful as it may be, of trying to solve our problems by thinking it to death may be so habitual that it seems to be who we are.  Science now confirms that we are so much more than our limiting mental habits and we have neuroplastic brains that can change at any age. When we are able to let go and move in to a trustful state, present and aware of the infinite field of possibilities in every moment, then we have tapped in to the energy of genius.  It is there our physical energy becomes coherent and our infinite resources become available.  When we are too focused on who, what, where and how, the analytical mind is in control  doing its job to keep the body safe. We feel separate like fragile material disconnected from the vast power and greatness of our spiritual self.   But how do we soothe the analytical mind and live in the birthright of our highest potential and power with schedules, mortgages, problems to solve? 

Daily meditation with our eyes closed is a good place to start.  It is easier to touch our pure potential of consciousnesses that is our own spiritual energy and soothe our analytical mind turning off all out side stimulation and sit in the pure potential of our ever renewing energy. 

Conscious breathing helps to calm the body's nervous system and put it in to a trusting state. Joe Dispenza in his book Becoming Supernatural calls his breath technique , "taking the mind out of the body". Joe has on line courses, meditations and books that are masterful in helping people move beyond a stressful states in to thier pure potential. 

Bio Hacker Dave Aspray has a wonderful talk HERE about the techniques he uses to help him connected to the resourcefulness of this being and "bring it" in every moment. 

Srini Pillay's book Tinker, Dabble, Doodle Try; talks about an "unfocused mindset" being necessary to move between focuse and unfocuse to dwell in our highest potential. He says "relax in to paradoxes", "take frequent breaks to defocus", "surrender in to spontaneity", "change your reality with imagination" and "purpose will lead you to your goals". This book is worth reading for ideas of how to move beyond the analytical or over focused mind.  

Francesca McCartney author of Body of Health and founder of the Academy of Intuition Medicine talks about viewing the world from the "Meditation Sanctuary" in meditation and in daily life to get out of the frenetic fearful analytical mind. The Meditation Sanctuary, she teaches is a sacred power location in the center of the brain. Viewing from this place as opposed to the "analyzer" helps with being "grounded in one's own wisdom" and lends a multidimensional higher vantage point to experience life. 

Your Sacred Anatomy by Desda Zuckerman  Is my top consciousness and personal power hack.  In her classes she teaches the Anatomy of the actual Spirit and how to consciously interact with your own Spiritual Structure on a multidimensional and interactive, accessible level in the world.  Like the empowerment of knowing physical anatomy to care for our bodies properly. Knowing my spiritual Anatomy has allowed me to manage my most precious resource of all, my energy.  This has everything to do with where I place me attention and focus. Desda's Sacred Anatomy is beautiful, intricate and precise and is inherently connected quantum physics.  Consciously interacting with my individuated spiritual essence, has giving me a feeling of constant spiritual awaking and personal empowerment like nothing I have ever experienced. This has helped me to move beyond the analytical mind and my personality, assisting me in accessing my Spiritual Power and the ability to tap in to the  "The Greater Mind". It is in this place all possibilities are available in every moment and life is constantly created a new in the presence of consciousness in each moment.  

To sum it up:

Meditation, conscious breathing, taking frequent breaks from focused work time, making time for play and creative work, walking in nature, a Spiritual practice and sensing in to your own energy field and that of the infinite field are daily rituals that assist in tapping in to the "Greater Mind". 


Chakara Power

  According to a survey conducted by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal  9 out of 10 Americans have heard of yoga, one in three Americans has tried yoga at least once, and more than 15% of Americans have done yoga in the last 6 months. This means that more than likely the word Chakra is not as obsolete as it was before yoga became a common method for decreasing stress and increasing vitality. 

 "If yoga means yoke - meaning hitching one thing to another- then the Chakra system is the architecture of that yoke, providing a comprehensive map to the way the mortal and the Divine yoke together. Page 8. of "Chakra Yoga" by Anodea Judith

Desda Zuckerman describes the chakras as the "Blended Energy System" in her book, "Your Sacred Anatomy", in a similar manor describing them as a bridge for the unseen spiritual anatomy to the seen material.  Desda documents the 13 Chakras she see's within the human energy system in her beautifully illustrated book. 

Joe Dispenza describes the Chakara's as energy centers. He offers a beautiful and popular meditation called; Blessing the Energy Centers that focuses on clearing and upgrading the energy in 8 chakara's.

If you have ever tried to learn a foreign language by watching a kids cartoons in that language you may enjoy this video explaining the power of your chakara system; check it out.  


Return to Sound Being


Knowing the sound of ones own differentiated inner voice from others opinions, desires, needs and societies pressures is the utmost importance in living an authentically inspired and creative life.

In a busy modern day life with appointments, places to be, work to do, relationships to nurture how can we know what we authentically desire and wish to express in every moment?  When we focus on the outside world for too long and ignore quite moments of listening to our inner self it is easy to loose the recognition of our voice of inner knowing.

Meditation is the best practice for inner knowing howerver for some people meditation is very challenging. Nature is an easy way to connect with our inner self. A vast horizon, a sunset, a dense forest, the ocean shore, a clear nights sky can leave us in quiet wonderment that allows our voice within to rise up to meet the majesty.


The Soul Sync Meditation

My girlfriend Jill sent this meditation to me. We are always sharing helpful tools that we find help us maintain our focus and refine our ability to live an authentic and empowered life in Marin county California and in the world. I really love this meditation she sent me from One World Academy.  She attended classes at the One World Academy in India and discovered this there. I got it from her on my iPone and traveled to my meditation pillow and learned it at home. I find this quickie (15min) meditation profoundly supportive to mind, body, spirit and the daily practice of communing with our divine source. Once you have done it a few times with the video its easy to do on your own. I find it to be very useful in making contact with the Divine after a busy day or if repetitive thoughts are thinking you. Try it: Soul Sync Meditation



Confirmation from the Universe

Every night as my kids fall asleep, I sit in meditation at the foot of their bed.  Lately I have added to my practice a highly effective energy clearing process I learned from Desda Zuckerman and her Energetic Hygiene class.  Desda said in one of her classes that if we do this particular clearing process called "clearing the layers" for 30 days our life will change dramatically. I am a mom of 3 kids, dramatic changes were not my goal in taking up this challenge.  What I am in love with is the sense of clarity and personal power I sense comes  from daily clearing of one's energy field. Like cleaning clutter from your home; its liberating, freeing and gives a platform for greater things. 

 After clearing my body and energy structure, I got an inner nudge to take a sea salt and baking soda bath; another technique I learned from Desda. Salt and Soda bath; 1/2 to 1 cup of sea salt and 1/2 to 1 cup baking soda in a hot bath. The bath is a physical action to help the body to clear energy and integrate energetic shifts, is supportive after working with our Subtle Anatomy. This day was a particularly intense day for me.  It was the summer solstice and my middle child was predictably difficult and obstinate during this Cosmic event. A salt and soda bath seemed a good prescription so I respected my body's inner request and took one. In my bathroom there is a skylight. It revealed to me that, although it was 9pm, it was still light outside. I felt it important to venture out side in reverence for the Solstice and take in the last light of the longest day of the year. I had the freedom to do so because my children were asleep at this time. 

  I am committed to cultivating a loving supportive relationship with my self and my inner knowing so when I got the inner nudges for the next steps I acted right away. It's much easier for me to get inner nudges when I'm quiet, like in meditation. I was able to heed the nudges this night. I have found its good to have a note pad near when meditating in the case that the nudge is not something I can do right away. 

I got dressed and went out side. The back slope of our yard faces open forest space of Marin. Here I created a sacred circle with flagstone. Every morning I step in to the circle and face east to greet the sun to practice Qi Gong, ground my body and call my spiritual presence into conscious alignment with my body and mind. I had never been out to this spot under a darkening sky. This night I faced the West, my back to where I usually see the sun crest every morning. The waning light of dusk gave illumination to a discomfort I was experiencing.  Earlier I had been discussing plans for our family's next vacations, a very luxurious thing to do, and yet I was feeling an element of fight or flight about it.  I have three children and my middle child has some spacial needs that has made life for our family less normal than most.  In the past I found it very stressful to go on vacations because the load of the work falls on me. I do all the things I do at home but away from home with no support system in place. It has felt as if every one has fun on the vacations except for me. 

I breathed in the night and was aware of the unpleasant feeling of slavery that had reared its vibration from the vacation discussions. It sounds so silly to refer to a Mill Valley mom standing in her vast back yard looking out in to wilderness feeling like a slave from planning a vacations.  I want to appreciate everything in my life yet I was very aware of a dread related to going on vacation with my family. So I used another technique Desda taught me. Right there on the back slope in my sacred circle. I lifted the signature of slavery out of my energy field. There is is a bit more ceremony to this process that I am writing here but you get the idea. Within three minutes I let it go and it was gone. I could not even recall the word once it was released. 

Right after I cleared that energy a huge bird of prey flew across my field of vision it was a very large owl, a messenger to me that I was on the right track. Joe Dispenza says often in his talks; "that when you have made contact with the field of infinite potentials ask for a sign to show you that you have indeed made contact with it".  Owls to me are always a sign of following my intuition. A moment later a bat swooped towards me. Which for me was an affirmation from the universe that I was being supported and guided and that I did uncover something hidden within my energy that which was ready for release. In listening to my inner voice and heeding my nudges this evening I was able to clear far more than I expected to when I sat at the foot of my kid's bed that night and I felt supported and in harmony with the Universe.