Confirmation from the Universe

Every night as my kids fall asleep, I sit in meditation at the foot of their bed.  Lately I have added to my practice a highly effective energy clearing process I learned from Desda Zuckerman and her Energetic Hygiene class.  Desda said in one of her classes that if we do this particular clearing process called "clearing the layers" for 30 days our life will change dramatically. I am a mom of 3 kids, dramatic changes were not my goal in taking up this challenge.  What I am in love with is the sense of clarity and personal power I sense comes  from daily clearing of one's energy field. Like cleaning clutter from your home; its liberating, freeing and gives a platform for greater things. 

 After clearing my body and energy structure, I got an inner nudge to take a sea salt and baking soda bath; another technique I learned from Desda. Salt and Soda bath; 1/2 to 1 cup of sea salt and 1/2 to 1 cup baking soda in a hot bath. The bath is a physical action to help the body to clear energy and integrate energetic shifts, is supportive after working with our Subtle Anatomy. This day was a particularly intense day for me.  It was the summer solstice and my middle child was predictably difficult and obstinate during this Cosmic event. A salt and soda bath seemed a good prescription so I respected my body's inner request and took one. In my bathroom there is a skylight. It revealed to me that, although it was 9pm, it was still light outside. I felt it important to venture out side in reverence for the Solstice and take in the last light of the longest day of the year. I had the freedom to do so because my children were asleep at this time. 

  I am committed to cultivating a loving supportive relationship with my self and my inner knowing so when I got the inner nudges for the next steps I acted right away. It's much easier for me to get inner nudges when I'm quiet, like in meditation. I was able to heed the nudges this night. I have found its good to have a note pad near when meditating in the case that the nudge is not something I can do right away. 

I got dressed and went out side. The back slope of our yard faces open forest space of Marin. Here I created a sacred circle with flagstone. Every morning I step in to the circle and face east to greet the sun to practice Qi Gong, ground my body and call my spiritual presence into conscious alignment with my body and mind. I had never been out to this spot under a darkening sky. This night I faced the West, my back to where I usually see the sun crest every morning. The waning light of dusk gave illumination to a discomfort I was experiencing.  Earlier I had been discussing plans for our family's next vacations, a very luxurious thing to do, and yet I was feeling an element of fight or flight about it.  I have three children and my middle child has some spacial needs that has made life for our family less normal than most.  In the past I found it very stressful to go on vacations because the load of the work falls on me. I do all the things I do at home but away from home with no support system in place. It has felt as if every one has fun on the vacations except for me. 

I breathed in the night and was aware of the unpleasant feeling of slavery that had reared its vibration from the vacation discussions. It sounds so silly to refer to a Mill Valley mom standing in her vast back yard looking out in to wilderness feeling like a slave from planning a vacations.  I want to appreciate everything in my life yet I was very aware of a dread related to going on vacation with my family. So I used another technique Desda taught me. Right there on the back slope in my sacred circle. I lifted the signature of slavery out of my energy field. There is is a bit more ceremony to this process that I am writing here but you get the idea. Within three minutes I let it go and it was gone. I could not even recall the word once it was released. 

Right after I cleared that energy a huge bird of prey flew across my field of vision it was a very large owl, a messenger to me that I was on the right track. Joe Dispenza says often in his talks; "that when you have made contact with the field of infinite potentials ask for a sign to show you that you have indeed made contact with it".  Owls to me are always a sign of following my intuition. A moment later a bat swooped towards me. Which for me was an affirmation from the universe that I was being supported and guided and that I did uncover something hidden within my energy that which was ready for release. In listening to my inner voice and heeding my nudges this evening I was able to clear far more than I expected to when I sat at the foot of my kid's bed that night and I felt supported and in harmony with the Universe.