In to the Greater Mind

Have you ever found yourself focusing your mind intensely to hack, or understand a problem? Analyzing possibilities, details and resources only to feel the problem is like a mountain you cant climb?  What if, when faced with problems and challenges, we were able to go in to our "Greater Mind" like Einstein or Tesla and produce brilliant solutions that are evolutionary or at the very least possible? What if we were to say; "I acknowledge my challenges and I choose to focus on how the highest outcome feels"?  How would our body respond, how would we feel, behave and organize our thoughts and attention ?  

It is not always easy to feel safe and trusting faced with problems or adversity. Stepping in to the unknown and refraining from over analyzing can feel bad at first. The comfort of the well laid path, stressful as it may be, of trying to solve our problems by thinking it to death may be so habitual that it seems to be who we are.  Science now confirms that we are so much more than our limiting mental habits and we have neuroplastic brains that can change at any age. When we are able to let go and move in to a trustful state, present and aware of the infinite field of possibilities in every moment, then we have tapped in to the energy of genius.  It is there our physical energy becomes coherent and our infinite resources become available.  When we are too focused on who, what, where and how, the analytical mind is in control  doing its job to keep the body safe. We feel separate like fragile material disconnected from the vast power and greatness of our spiritual self.   But how do we soothe the analytical mind and live in the birthright of our highest potential and power with schedules, mortgages, problems to solve? 

Daily meditation with our eyes closed is a good place to start.  It is easier to touch our pure potential of consciousnesses that is our own spiritual energy and soothe our analytical mind turning off all out side stimulation and sit in the pure potential of our ever renewing energy. 

Conscious breathing helps to calm the body's nervous system and put it in to a trusting state. Joe Dispenza in his book Becoming Supernatural calls his breath technique , "taking the mind out of the body". Joe has on line courses, meditations and books that are masterful in helping people move beyond a stressful states in to thier pure potential. 

Bio Hacker Dave Aspray has a wonderful talk HERE about the techniques he uses to help him connected to the resourcefulness of this being and "bring it" in every moment. 

Srini Pillay's book Tinker, Dabble, Doodle Try; talks about an "unfocused mindset" being necessary to move between focuse and unfocuse to dwell in our highest potential. He says "relax in to paradoxes", "take frequent breaks to defocus", "surrender in to spontaneity", "change your reality with imagination" and "purpose will lead you to your goals". This book is worth reading for ideas of how to move beyond the analytical or over focused mind.  

Francesca McCartney author of Body of Health and founder of the Academy of Intuition Medicine talks about viewing the world from the "Meditation Sanctuary" in meditation and in daily life to get out of the frenetic fearful analytical mind. The Meditation Sanctuary, she teaches is a sacred power location in the center of the brain. Viewing from this place as opposed to the "analyzer" helps with being "grounded in one's own wisdom" and lends a multidimensional higher vantage point to experience life. 

Your Sacred Anatomy by Desda Zuckerman  Is my top consciousness and personal power hack.  In her classes she teaches the Anatomy of the actual Spirit and how to consciously interact with your own Spiritual Structure on a multidimensional and interactive, accessible level in the world.  Like the empowerment of knowing physical anatomy to care for our bodies properly. Knowing my spiritual Anatomy has allowed me to manage my most precious resource of all, my energy.  This has everything to do with where I place me attention and focus. Desda's Sacred Anatomy is beautiful, intricate and precise and is inherently connected quantum physics.  Consciously interacting with my individuated spiritual essence, has giving me a feeling of constant spiritual awaking and personal empowerment like nothing I have ever experienced. This has helped me to move beyond the analytical mind and my personality, assisting me in accessing my Spiritual Power and the ability to tap in to the  "The Greater Mind". It is in this place all possibilities are available in every moment and life is constantly created a new in the presence of consciousness in each moment.  

To sum it up:

Meditation, conscious breathing, taking frequent breaks from focused work time, making time for play and creative work, walking in nature, a Spiritual practice and sensing in to your own energy field and that of the infinite field are daily rituals that assist in tapping in to the "Greater Mind".